After I took the below photo, the film of this photo was developed by professional processing lab. Then I applied film scanning with EPSON GT-F600 to get this view. So the process is partially analogue and partically digital.

 Then I’m purchasing gradually the various parts to estimate own darkroom to implement own development of film and printing into photographic paper. Especially I’m very interested in the own developping and printing for black&white photography.
If I purchase all new equipments for the own darkroom, it must be expensive. But now seniror photo freaks in Japan is shifting from analogue into digital as other countries. Therefore they sell their equipments to photoshop as recycle usage or at Yahoo Auction and other auction sites. For example, I could get an enlarger, FUJI B690, which is one of very well-known for beginners. It is very old model. But fortunately I could find out almost new one with only about 95.00USD with FUJINON Lens for enlarging and nega carrier. I also try to buy used models of all other equipments and goods.
I believe that I can start the developping of film and printing within this month. At first in next weekend, I try to make self-training to wind up film with the reel of developping tank.
…..Step by step.

I will report the process of my training with photo in this blog.