During winter vacation (’13 Dec 27th to ’14 Jan 5th), I prepared new darkroom at my home. Leitz Valoy II doesn’t arrive yet. So I started the darkroom operation with the conventional Fuji B690 in Jan 13th.
But a problem happened. I covered the surface of glass window with the plywood board to shut the sun light. But the board started to show warpage by heating with sun light. Then sealing with Permacel tape was separated.


Start operation at my darkroom

Darkroom_01, originally uploaded by Minochage.

Fortunately after I turned the wooden plate over to put the sunlight on the opposite surface, warpage was almost solved. But to secure the complete darkness, I added the opaque curtain of Etsumi ( around 16.00USD  /  2m x 1,5m ) bought at Biccamera Funabashi Shop. The height of window is about 1.2m. So I cut the curtrain. Since the black curtain is plastic, it is easier to cut.

Start darkroom opeartion at my home

Darkroom_02, originally uploaded by Minochage.

Start darkroom operation at my home
Darkroom_03, originally uploaded by Minochage.

Until now I enjoyed darkroom operation in weekend at bathroom. But since there isn’t air conditioning system, it was terrible in Japan’s hot and humid weather. And it is not so easy to control the temperature of developer with ice. The new darkroom is no problem on temperature control in any season.

There are still some preparations in darkroom. But anyway, in last weekend, I tried the 1st printing in new darkroom with Fuji B690 and the film of Gurepi, who is our lovely cat at my home taken with Leica M3 + Summilux 50mm f1.4.


Darkroom_04, originally uploaded by Minochage.

The operation didn’t have any problem.
Although I would like to implement the developing in  next week too, since I visit the grave of my father with my wife and my mother, it is impossible. Then I will enjoy again the travel into Taiwan, the favorite place of my wife and myself, in  the 1st half of February.
I hope I get new shots in Taiwan with Canon EOS-1V and Leica M3. Then enjoy again the darkroom operation in some weekend, the 2nd half of February.