The Valoy II arrived at my new darkroom at my home. But there is an issue. Valoy doen’t have the holder of multigrade filter. So I considered several ways to put the filter to Valoy. And finally when I went Daiso, which is Japan’s famous 1 coin shop, bassically all 100JPY for almost all selling items, I came across egg separator. When I look at it, I also come across the idea to make the holder as follows.

As you can see here, I could make the holder of multigrade filter.

Multi grade filter's holder

It was originally egg separator sold in Daiso as kitichen tool.

Multi grade filter's holder

I cut out the center portion of egg separator and connected the ring portion into L shape stay to realize same way of fixation as original Valoy’s red filter stay. I bought the L shape stay at TOKYU HANDS in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The product is actually made by KONIVIOLA. The product code is “Ministay 36 K-341”. The price at Tokyu Hands is 250JPY as 2 pieces set.

Holder of multi grade filter_Lshape

The shape was quite similar into the L shape stay for original red filter of Valoy. So I considered that it must be possible to fix the stay on Valoy using bolt.

New enlarger at my home

But L shape stay of TOKYU HANDS has the angle about 90degree, while L shape stay of the original red filter of Valoy has 82 to 83 degree. So I adjusted the angle of TOKYU HANDS’s by myself.

Red filter and stay

The stay of TOKYU HANDS still required the modification. The bolt size of Valoy to fix L shape stay of original red filter is M4 size. The hole size of TOKYU HANDS’s L shape stay was too small to apply M4 bolt. Thus I expanded the size of hole by drilling. The drill also can be bought at Daiso among wide size selections, 100JPY per one piece of drill. For DIY, I have several size. This time, I selected dril size 4.2mm.

Holder of multi grade filter_Drill

Here is the photo after dirlling. Hole size are larger compared with bottom hole, which has original size of hole.

Holder of multi grade filter_dril

To fix L shape stay for drilling, the vise is necessary as follow photo. I also bought it at Daiso, 100JPY as one piece. To fix L shape stay with vise, it is better to place wooden plates both sides of desk to avoid injury of desk surface. The wooden plates can be also bought at Daiso, 10cm x 10cm x thickness 3mm, 100JPY as 4 plates set.

Holder of multi grade filter_vise
After drilling, the hole has flash. It is dangerous and has the risk that it injury the surface of precious Valoy body (and my hand). So I purchased follow grinder to remove flash around hole portion. The grinder is for rough grinding. Thus I also used file for metal to realize more smooth surface.

Holder of multi grade filter_Grinder

To fix L shape stay on Valoy II body, M4 size bolt must be used. I selected M4 bold sold at TOKYU HANDS, which has plastic head for hand rotation. The pride was 120JPY as 8 pieces set. It is much easier to fix and release.

Holder of multi grade filter_ureascrewM4

But the M4 bolt had relatively long leg. So I adjusted the length, putting 2 washers on hole portion of L shape stay. The washers for M4 size were bought at TOKYU HANDS, 120JPY as 20 pieces set. The washer was fixed with instantanuous adhesive.

Holder of multi grade filter_wassher

Here is the completed aspect at fixation portion to Valoy body.

Holder of multi grade filter_screw

As above, the treatment of L shape stay was completed. The next issue was to make fixation hole at grip portion of egg separator after cutting out center portion and treatment with grinder and file. The grip of egg separator had originally relarively large size of hole. But the original hole shouldn’t be used for the fixation with L shape stay. The hole position must be end portion of flat area of grip. Thus the circle center of metal ring as holder of multi grade filter come into linear position with center of lens for englarger. The hole for fixation was drilled with 3.0mm size, applying grinding and file to get smooth surface.

Holder of multi grade filter_hole

Then L shape stay and ring portion was fixed with M3 bolt, which has metal head, 180JPY as 4 pieces set at TOKYU HANDS.

Holder of multi grade filter_fix

I selected hand rotation type of M3 size nut for metal head M3 size bolt, bought at TOKYU HANDS, 100JPY as 4 pieces set, as follow photo. Then I placed several pieces of M3 size washers between M3 bolt and Nut to adjust the height of ring portion of egg separator, bought at TOKYU HANDS, 120JPY as 20 pieces set.

Holder of multi grade filter_adjust
Then finally I got the holder of multi grade filter.

Holder of multi grade filer_final

I attached the holder into Valloy II. And I put multi grade filter of FUJI VG Filter N P set. It is no problem at all.

The good thing of this hand made holder is that the ring portion originally from egg separator is made with deep drawing. This confection method realize structural enough stiffness to sustain the plate of multi grade filter in spite of thin stainless steel.

Holder of multi grade filer_ring
The color is silver. It is not so nice, since it might reflect the light of enlarger. Afer I come back from travel in Taiwan in this month, Feb 2014, I will paint the surface with black color, like original red filter frame portion, as the final assignment.