Yesterday, joined the workshop of multiple exposure by Professional Photographer, Mr.Hodaka Yamamoto, organized by Photo Studio Yoshioka in Osaka. The beautiful model for the session was Ms. Yui Uchiyama (Instagram: 11yui_11   FB:   Twitter: @11yui_k11)

 It was really fantastic!! Until now I have mainly enjoyed monochrome in case of film photography. But after the participation, my mind is now gradually changing. It is really new fun for me to enjoy color sense of photograph. 

 The way of multi-exposure open the door into new sensing and remarkable image creation. Today is Sunday. It is fine blue sky…  Start the new journey in the world of multi-exposure with various color film.


Camera: Canon Canonet QL17GIII
Film: Lomography LOMO100

Multi-Exposure at Tsurumi Ryokuchi in Osaka