Several years ago, purchased old archival washer for wet process at Yahoo auction site, which can accept the paper size till 14x17inch. My house is very small size since it is typical Kyoto town house, which was at least built in 1901 (117 years ago ) according to the copy of a registration certificate in Kyoto city capital, even maybe built in 17th century.  This means  very smaller size house.

 Therefore, if I would like to enjoy the classical wet processing with fiber base printing paper on weekend, I must set up archival washer at bath room very quickly and wrap up & bring back again to my working room to store. If I set up the permanently at bath room, big complain happen from my wife.

 To realize quick set up I applied quick connectors for watersprinkle tube for gardening. Such quick connectors are produced by Takagi Corporation in Japan. They are easily purchased at DIY store with reasonable price. There are a lot of sizes of connector for tube and adapter to connect tube into water tap nozzle of bath room.



 Tested the water supply to archival washer. No leakage in longer time. I can realize shorter washing time of fiber base printing paper than one by one washing of the paper in washing tray.