This blog started in 2007. Already 10 years. Too fast ( and too slow?).

10 years ago, started to consider to buy DSLR. Then after I got it in 2008, my photo enjoyment began to date back to previous crafts.

–> EOS film cameras

–> Ricoh GR1V

–> Leica M3

–> Hasselblad 503CX

… ILFORD Delta 400 Pro. is now becoming my favorite film.
… Utilizing Leitz Focomat 1C, Leitz Valoy II and Fuji B690 as enlarger.

The largest change in my life during last 10 years is that My wife, my cats and I moved from Chiba into Kyoto.

2017 Autumn Arashiyama, Kyoto, JP

10 years later, I might already quite job with happy retire (??).
Anyway, still continue my photo life in weekend and holiday.