In autumn season, 2012, I went Dihua street to visit familiar tea leaves shop. On the way, I came across pretty cat, who was kept by a provision dealer. I took the cat with Canon EOS1V & Kodak T-MAX400. Although it was 1.5 years ago, I made the printing by wet process with Valoy II. I created several prints, adjusting the photo by the setting of variable grade filter and the way of printing. Follow two photos are examples from several prints. Then selected the best image. During my travel to Taiwan in this month, I brought the print to the dealer as the gift to express my appreciation that they provided me the opportunity take the pretty cat in 2012. The dealer owner and his shop staff are very much impressed by my print with traditional wet process development, meeting again the pretty cat, who is already grown-up. I can’t talk in Chinese well. But thanks to the fiber base print, I could come out of my shell with them immediately. In autumn season of this year, my wife and I intend to visit Taiwan again. Surely I visit again the dealer to meet them and the pretty cat.


Camera: Canon EOS-1V
Lens: Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM
Film: Kodak T-MAX400
Developer for Film: Kodak T-MAX Developer
Enlarger: Leitz Valoy II
Lens for Enlarger: Focotar 50mm F4.5 1st ver.
Printing paper: ORIENTAL EAGLE VC FB
Variable contrast filter: FUJIFILM VG Filter N P set
with original filter holder