I already have had Leitz Valoy II. So I didn’t have any plan to get Focomat 1C.
 Several months ago, a gentleman sent me the message that he is looking for someone who might receive the darkrooom tools for wetprocessing. His father was enthusiast of wetprocessing of film photo, especially large size enlargement of printing. But his father dead recently. The friends of his father and Camera Shop picked up lens and cameras. But enlarger, Leitz Focomat 1C remained. The son might hope that some wetprocessing freak and film camera lover received and continue to use it. Now it is already the era of digital camera. Not so easy to find out appropriate candidate to pass the precious enlarger.
 Then the son reached my Japanese photo blog.

Focomat 1C


 I highly appreciated and decided to receive the actually use it. Here is the 1st printing with Focomat 1C at my home now;