In last month, I purchased the classic model (Hasselblad 503CX, A12 film magazine and Carl Zeiss Planar C80mm f2.8 T*). But my 503CX and Planar C80mm had the problems.

In case of 503CX, I purchased it at Shinbashi Ichi Camera. I asked the repairment to the shop. Fortunately the camera shop has the contract with Hatsumi Cameral Service. Mr.Hatsumi is quite well-knowne meister of the maintenance of old models of Hasselblad. He has the approval from Hasselblad company on the genuine process of repairment, maintenance and cleaning process. According to his check, my 503CX has had the ultimate problem of front key to connect to Lens, when the body is produced in Hasselblad long and long time ago. So fortunately, the repairment was done with freee of charge.

On the other hand, I purchased Planar C80mm T* at a camera shop in Osaka. I really didn’t like their attitude, when I informed the trouble of the lens. And they didn’t have enough repairment resouce with the original repairment tool kits of Hasselblad company. So I finally decided to ask Okamoto Kamera Cervice, who has the official approval from Hasselblad company on the genuine repairment process with the orifinal tools, located in Kobe area, Japan. Mr.Okamoto gave me a lot of adviced me how to handle the problem and his repairment process in detail. It was not free of charge. But as beginner of the usage of Hasselblad 500 series, I was very much impressed by the professional way of the explanation of lens structure, parts and the maintenance process, etc. Therefore I was quite convinced by the required fee fo the whole repairment process.

Yesterday I received the parcel package both from Shinbashi ichi camera and Mr.Okamoto at the same time after repairment.

Package from Shinbashi Ichi Camera and Okamoto Camera Service


Inside of packeage from Okamoto Camera Service


Repairment sheet from Hatsumi Camera Service



Since 2009, I enjoyed darkroom operation with 35mm film and Canon EOS1V, EOS7s, Ricoh GR1V and Leica M3 at bath room. It is too narrow space to implement full one day operation of wet  processing. So I have been gradually preparing more wide space darkroom at my home. Now thanks to the two great meisters, Mr.Hatsumi and Mr.Okamoto, I can start the shooting and wet processing of 35mm and 120mm film at the same time with Hasselblad 503CX, Leica M3, Canon EOS and Ricoh GR1V.




Nowadays, digital camera & tools are more and more popular. Not so easy to continue the traditional processing with film. But I would like to enjoy shooting and this complicated process as long as I can purchase the films and chemicals for developing.