I joined as volunteer staff of 2017 Kyoto Graphie, which will held during Apr 15th ( Sat ) to May 15th (Sun) in Kyoto city center area.

The feature of this large scale photo festival is that we can observe quite important and impressive photographic arts from the world in many exhibition spaces, spreaded in mainly Kyoto city center area. Even you can enjoy the exhibition spaces itself.  Becase the spaces are located into very traditonal Japanese style ( or Kyoto style) architecture or modern style one.

I’m not professional artist. Not professional photographer. What I can do is limited as volunteer staff. But I still would like to do what I can do. As one of possible actions, I put Poster of Kyoto Graphie at the latticed window of my home, keeping Traditional Kyoto Town House Style.


Poster of Kyoto Graphie at my home.