In May 2016, I visited several exhibition places of KYOTO GRAPHIE (KG). It was impressive. KG is “ONE MONTH” long run photography art festival in beautiful spring season of Kyoto area. As walking or cycling distance, I can reach the exhibition places from my home. As freak  of photo and various art, it is great opportnity to come across fresh and unique arts from all of the world.

By web site information, I could know that I can join 2017 KG (Apr 15th SAT — May 14th SUN) as volanteer staff. Since I must work in weekdays, the possible participation days as volunteer staff are limited. But the office of KG still informed me, “It is welcome. We would to share the opportunity many of participants as much as possible.”

The theme of 2017 KG is “LOVE“. In my case, I’m looking forward to meeting the various works by Robert Mapplethorpe. Of course, I also visit many exhibition places with the works by other artists.