A lot of camera freaks left to digital photo already. It might be stupid thing to build up darkroom for traditional wet process from now. But I can’t stop preparation to enjoy the serious printing process.

It was my dream to prepare print with;

Camera: Leica M3
Lens for shooting: Summilux 50mm f1.4
Enlarger: Focomat or Valoy of Leica
Lens for enlarger: Focotar 5cm f/1.4 (1st ver.)

The dream will come true soon.

Until now I enjoyed wet process at bath room at my home, using enlarger, Fuji B690. But in this case, I must build up all sets for wet process there, whenever I would like to implement it at weekend, getting complaint from my wife.

So I decided to build up darkroom in a room at my home, although the final washing process still require to work at bath room. As attached photo, Fuji B690 was already set at new dark room. Leica’s enlarger, Valoy II, will arrive at neighborhood of B690 within this month.

I’m looking forward to enjoying new weekend life with full Leica’s wet processing.

Darkroom preparation
Darkroom with Fuji B690, originally uploaded by Minochage.