Although the enlarger, Leitz Valoy II, didn’t arrive at my home yet, I already got the lens for enlarger, Focotar 5cm F4.5. The initial version is produced by Ernst Leitz Wetzler. And the 2nd version was produced by Schneider according to the explanation by camera shop in Tokyo.

I selected the initial version.

Focotar 5cm F4.5, originally uploaded by Minochage.

The reason is that the camera shop explained me that the initial version can realize more soft touch of printing, while the 2nd version by Schneider tend to show more hard touch with sharp view.
My traditional Fuji B690 + Fujinon EX 50mm F2.8, which has been used in bath room as occasional darkroom in weekend at my home, tend to show quite sharp view. It might be better to use the soft feeling lens, when the film has relatively higher contract. Another reason is, of course, I would like to enjoy the combination of Leica M3 (The 1st M type) + The 1st version of Focotar.

Fortunately I could find out very clean lens in spite of quite classic one.