My wife and I moved from Tokyo area into Kyoto in last June by the reason of my job issue.
We are really happy to move there. Because both family of my wife and myself originally came from Western side of Japan.
For us ( and also for almost Japanaese people), the new year, Oshogatsu, is important event. Especially the 1st 3 days are very precious for our mind to welcome new year.
It is really interest and big fun to stay in Kyoto in the precious period from now every year.
Chion-In temple is one of the most favorite temples in Japan for me. Since junior high school age, I went there many times aleady.
But yesterday, it was my 1st time to see the great main gate of the temple with Japanese flag. It resemble for me to all Japan’s new year.

The great gate of Chion-In Temple

The great gate of Chion-In Temple in ’16 Jan 02nd