In last Sunday, I occasionally stopped the operation of DIY and rode the bike to go to Leica Gallery Kyoto. I would like to see the photo exhibition by Seike Tomio. I like “CAMERA MAGAZIN” since 2005, which was bimonthly magazine published by Ei-Publishing Co., Ltd., featuring mainly classic camera, classic lens and the excellent photo by Japanese professional photographers. The magazine frequently showed the photo of Mr.Tomio Seike. His photo is one of longing. I like his catching the soft light and beautiful tone of B&W in printing. Fortunately his photo exhibition came to Lieca Gallery Kyoto. It was very lucky thing for me.

Architechure of Leica Store Kyoto (1F) and Leica Gallery Kyoto (2F) are very beautiful as follow photo. Leica purchased quite traditional Kyoto Town House, which was built up over 100 years ago and applied renovation, keeping complete aspect as 100 years ago, while inside structures also keep as this with modern interiors. 15P13_Leica-Store-Kyoto-(1500x1135)BW



Even Leica Gallery provide  the LEICA STYLE MAGAZINE 2013 Vol.12 as free. The reason must be that the VOL.12 include interview article of the short autobiography of Mr.Tomio Seike on photography and his concerning’s of photography.