Last night and this morinig, I watched many TV special programs which report the aspect of Kanazawa (金沢) city. The reason is that Hokuriku Shinkansen Bullet Train is opening between Tokyo Station and Kanazawa Station. Until now, it takes longer time to reach Kanazawa from Tokyo area. But now you can go there 2.5hrs after you leave from Tokyo Station with Hokuriku Shinkansen. Now Hotels, Restaurants and sightseeing spots in Kanazawa expect that a lot of visitors will come from Tokyo area, even foreign countries by easier access.

JR Kanazawa Station (JR金沢駅)

A lot of places in Kanazawa keep the traditional style of archetectures, like Kyoto, although it also has much difference from Kyoto in my impression. As well as Kyoto city, I really love this wonderful & beautiful town in Hokuriku region. Because I was born at hospital near Kanazawa Castle Park.

Kanazawa city is original place of both my father’s and mother’s family. When I was Child, a lot of my cousins, ancles and aunts are there. Although I moved near Yokohama before Kindergarden age, during almost every summer vacation, winter vacation and spring vacation in elementary school and junior high school age, I stayed in Kanazwa.

My mother’s parent’s home is in Higashiyama (東山) area. The present most famous sightseeing spot, “Higashichayagai(東茶屋街)” is locagted.
Higashichayagai (東茶屋街)
On the other hand, my father’s parent’s home is in Hikoso (彦三) area. It is near Kazuemachi(主計町), where is another famous spot in Kanazawa.
Kazuemachi (主計町)

Both homes keep very traditinal Kanazawa’s Town House (Machiya) style. It’s pretty and beautiful archetectures. One of reasons why I selected Kyomachiya as new living home as of May or June 2015 is that I miss such Machiya style house.

Between Higashiyama area and Kazuemachi area, Asanogawa river (浅野川) is located. When I was child, I enjoyed fishing, using the Japanese style artificial fly (毛鉤), with my cousins in summer vacation. It is also very good memory for me.
Asanogawa River (浅野川) in Summer, Kanazawa

In that time, I never imagined Shinkansen bullet train come directly from Tokyo station.

Ohmicho market (近江町市場)
Camera: Canon EOS1V
Lens: Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM
Film: Kodak T-Max400
Developer for film: Kodak D76
Shot at Ohmicho market (近江町市場)

But I won’t use so much Hokuriku Shinkasen to raech Kanazawa. The reason is that I will move from Tokyo area into Kyoto city. Because my job place will be in Western side of Japan as of May or June 2015.
Foreign tourist might get some special discount ticket. But here is the difference of traveling time and normal ticket fee to Kanazawa.

*From Tokyo to Kanazawa
Train: Hokuriku Shinkansen
Ticket fee (One way, Reserve seat) : About 13,900 JPY
Travel time : About 2:30

*From Kyoto to Kanazawa
Train: Thunderbird Express
(Conventional JR Kosei Line + JR Hokuriku line)
Ticket fee (One way, Reserve seat) : About 6,700 JPY
Travel time : About 2:15

If somebody travel in Western sie of Japan, arriving at Kanssai International airport, to access to Kanazawa, Thunderbird express from Osaka or Kyoto must be better.

Ishikawa Gate of Kanazawa Castle (金沢城石川門)

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