4 days ago, my supervisor asked me to work mainly in Kansai (Osaka area). Since I must also cover customers in far western side of Japan, I decided to move from Kanto (Tokyo area).

Yesterday, my wife and I check the two cases. One is that we sell the present house and buy new one in Kansai. Another case is that we lend the present house and lent some house in Kansai region. Not so easy to judge. Since I’m already 48 years old. I guess the workig period in Kansai will be more than 5 years. Maybe even I will work till my retirement age, although there is another possibility that I must go back again head office in Tokyo.

The company allow me the preparation time till Mar 2015. Not so easy. But…..must decide new house and Sell or lend.


Camera: Leica M3
Lens: Summilux 50mm F1.4 ver.2
Film: Kodak TX400
Scanner: EPSON GT-F600


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