Mt.Fuji with rising sunlightMt.Fuji with rising sunlight

A Happy New Year for everybody!!

The 1st shots with my compact digital camera, so called “Deji-Ichi” among Japanese Deigital Camera freak, in 2008 are Photos of Mt. Fuji. These two photos were taken from the top of my apartment. My apartment is located in Funabashi-city, Chiba-pre., Japan.
It is far away from Mt. Fuji, more than 100km. But as you can see in attached photos, we still can see it.
The left hand side photo was taken with rising sunlight. And another one was with sun set. I like the both views in early morning time and evening time with different tastes. Some Japanese people say, “Mt. Fuji is soul of Japan.” I agree this comment.
Whenever I come across the view of Mt. Fuji in busy daily working time, for example in Shinkansen bullet train, I feel healing.
When I see Mt.Fuji from my apartment, Tokyo Met. Area is just between Funabashi-city and the mountain. So normally it is not so easy to see such nice view, since air pollution by cars, trucks and industrial districts disturb and create foggy scene. But in case of the beginning of the year, many people don’t work resulted in less pollution in Tokyo.

It was quite lucky for you and me to see nice view photo of Mt. Fuji at the beginning of this year.

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