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A Happy New Year 2013

+Minochage A Happy New Year 2013, originally uploaded by Minochage. I hope 2013 is great year and bring happyness for all of you.皆様にとっても、僕にとっても幸多き年とならんことを。
Black cat met at Kazuemachi in Kanazawa

Black cat met at Kazuemachi in Kanazawa

Camera: Canon EOS1VLens: Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSMFilm: ILFORD Delta 400 Professional Come across black cat at the original place of my family, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Pre., Japan.
Higashiyama area in Kanazawa

Higashiyama area in Kanazawa

Camera: Leica M3Lens: NOKTON 35mm f/1.2 ASPH VM IIFilm: ILFORD Delta 400
Asano River in Kanazawa with Leica M3

Asano River in Kanazawa with Leica M3

Kanazawa is original place of my family. Many memories. This photo was taken in Summer season. Next time I would like to go there in winter season to take snowing photo with Leica M3.

Asakusa in Jan ’12

Asakusa in Jan ’12, originally uploaded by Minochage.Camera: Leica M3Lens: NOKTON 35mm F1.2 ASPH VM II I still continue to enjoy the B&W photograph with darkroom operation in weekend. In June ’12, it was the 1st time for me join the group exhibition of photograph. Keep the relationship with the participants. Hope to join such...

Dynamic cirrocumulous

  Dynamic cirrocumulous, originally uploaded by Minochage.Camera: Ricoh GR1V Film: FUJI NEOPAN 100 ACROS Whenever I’m on business trip in Japan, I bring Ricoh GR1V in pocket. In the morning time, before breakfast, normally 5 :30 to 6:30a.m., near hotel, I enjoy morning shots. I got this scene near Nagoya station. The sitation of cirrocumulous...
Dragonfly in the paddy field

Dragonfly in the paddy field

Yesterdady I enjoyed taking photo in country side in Chiba Pre., Japan. It was very hot weather, more than 35deg.C and very humid under strong sunshine. So I take much Japanese brown color tea and sports drink totally 2L. Other wise I must suffer from sunstroke. This photo was taken during such hot photo walking. Camera: Canon...

Rainy season in Nagoya, Japan

 Now Japan’s mainland is in rainy season. Might continue till the mid. or end of July. High temp. and high humidity make me feel dispressed. But such situtaion sometime create the unique scene.  Follow foggy scene show quite different aspect of skyscraper from usual. I also would like to try to catch reflection of lights in rain....

Memory in Summer 2009

Green Impressionism, originally uploaded by Minochage. In this summer, in Japan it was no so hot as normal case. But this photo taken in Narita-city let me remember the hot feeling. My living area, Funabashi-city in Chiba prefecture, Japan, is one of typical “Bed Town” for Tokyo. This means that it is not so easy...

A Happy New Year from Chiba, Japan, with Mt.Fuji

A Happy New Year for everybody!! The 1st shots with my compact digital camera, so called “Deji-Ichi” among Japanese Deigital Camera freak, in 2008 are Photos of Mt. Fuji. These two photos were taken from the top of my apartment. My apartment is located in Funabashi-city, Chiba-pre., Japan.It is far away from Mt. Fuji, more...

Nagoya, final working day in 2007

I frequently visit Nagoya city. The reason is that Nagoya city is just like main gate city to the home base of TOYOTA Motor. Many car parts producers mainly for TOYOTA are located in this area, who are my customers.Today is the final working day for me in 2007. I would like to say the...


Yesterday I visited Naritasan, which is located in Chiba-pre., Japan. It was first time for me to visit there, since I live in Chiba since 1998. Everybody knows Kyoto and Kamakura as very traditional city in Japan. I noticed Narita-san is quite nice spot to enjoy traditional feeling and scene of Japan.Naritasan is quite convenient...